Sunday, September 4, 2011

is nc state really the team i hate?

anyone who knows me knows I am a giant UNC fan. Now, I've always been a fan of any team I could get tickets to go see. I have been known to dress the part and cheer and really look like a real fan. I guess sports just don't really matter to me. Except then I moved to Fl. and more than one person just assumed I was a big ACC fan. Since I had a UNC jersey and some other fun paraphernalia in my closet (thanks ex bf!) and family ties to UNC, I said why yes, as a matter of fact I was a big ACC fan. Right then and there, I became a Tarheel born and bred. And then I moved back to NC. So you can imagine what it is like for someone like me, a die hard Carolina fan to be living amongst 900 million NC State fans. Like, you've never seen so much red. I haven't experienced so much hatred towards UNC since the night I met Sam Forehand in Bogarts' wearing a "go to hell carolina" shirt (what a bastard).

This weekend, I got invited to an NC State tailgate. i learned just how bossy some of my friends are too because i was instructed not to dare wear blue, that i better wear red and that as long as i looked the part, no one would tell on me for frontin. now, we all know the following: i do not like to miss a good party and much to my dismay, nc state knows how to throw a good party. i mean shoot, anything that is held on the state fairgrounds is bound to be a party! once a kid got shot there. and supposedly there's always a girl wearing cowboy boots who drinks one too many airplane bottles and falls out. I told my friends they would have no idea I wasn't a State fan. Why, I even have a pair of cowboys that are the perfect shade of nc state red. I purchased a team friendly bottle koozie to hide my Mike's Hard Lemonade, I shined up my boots, pulled out my red belt and off I went. I think I may have been the only fan at the tailgate who hadn't purchased something new for her tailgating outfit (bottle koozie not included). Leave it to those UNC fans to be resourceful. Speaking of resourceful, I wasn't about to walk the mile back to my house in my red cowboys. So I called a cab. I got some pretty judgmental looks on the way down to the highway where I got picked up. But, I mean, I guess I would have judged a girl in red cowboys leaving the tailgate with a cooler too.

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