Tuesday, September 6, 2011

eatin' big

i have this saying that a girl's gotta eat (and this girl likes to eat big). i took it from natalie who i think took it from her mom, but hey, does it really matter? i mean, a girl DOES have to eat. this has subsequently become my mantra for why I do a lot of the things I do. At any rate.

The other day I emailed my mom to tell her I was going to a work lunch and that i planned to eat big because i wasn't paying. her response?

"always eat big when someone else is paying. although one time I had a date with a boy from duke. We had pizza. I ate my half and he didn't like it.We went out a few more times I guess because I know we went to a steak house and had an expensive meal. Maybe we didn't go out again after the steak dinner."

at least i know i come by it honestly. and when you're mother is giving you instructions to eat big, aren't you supposed to oblige? I mean, whatever happened to honor thy father and thy mother. plus, i'd like to note that this sounds about right for a dookie.

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