Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fml party. of 1.

you know when you have a really bad day and it's like nothing else can go wrong? like it's not just raining, it's freakin pouring a monsoon out there and all you wanna do is just throw up your middle fingers and say "eff my life." it's the idea behind www.fmylife.com and the acronym fml. it's also the idea behind an fml party.

I first heard about a fml party at Jenn's wedding. She and her friend Sarah were discussing how they were fml party buddies. any time one or both of them had a bad day, they would throw themselves an fml party. they would drink delicious toxins, they would eat greasy, unhealthy food and they would dance and sing. and they would scream and shout and basically just let it ALL out.

yesterday, I had a really bad day. Pretty much if it involved me, it was wrong. and i decided it. was.time. my party began the minute i left work. i wept (I'm pretty sure it was more of a wail). i hollered. i beat my steering wheel. i called my parents during their dinner to complain. i lamented I should have never moved (that always seems to make mom and dad feel bad for me). I opened a bottle of wine. I laid on the couch. i beat a dead horse with Natalie. i felt sorry for myself. and it was wonderful.

now, don't get me wrong. i have been a professional pity party planner and participant for as long as i can remember. but an fml party was a whole new concept to me. it's like a pity party on drugs. i pitied myself like a rock star. today I woke up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to grab the bull by its balls.

in the words of my Jenn: "sometimes it feels so good to take the low road and sulk." damn it feels good to be a gangster (and a sulker).

now. bring on the bull!

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