Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Real Live Larping Convention

Y'all. I am in Indianapolis for work right now and there is a gaming convention going on. Well, so that's a false truth. They are currently setting up for the convention that begins on Thursday. I asked the waitress tonight what Gen-Con was. She said it was a gaming convention. Because I watch too much Grandma's Boy, asked her if she knew how I could get in on a Halo competition. She told me no, not video games. Board games. Like Dungeons and Dragons. Then she made the mistake of telling me there was a ball on Saturday night "where everyone dresses up. You should go to it. It's really cool."

A ball. As in a dance. Do gamers dance? For some reason I feel like if you travel across the country to play dungeons and dragons, then there's a good chance you probably go to a ball like the boys in my 7th grade class went to our dances. They went, but they stood next to the punch bowl talking about...yep. you guessed it. dungeons and dragons.

Now. I don't know if you know anything about me but 1) I'm not sure I would call a gaming convention ball really cool. and b) do I need to hand out copies of the true crime book I read about the kids from Little Washington, NC who played too much D&D and decided to kill their parents? But seriously, I secretly want to go to this ball.

live action role playing in real life. Even the website calls it like it is: "Stare at jaw-dropping costumes, or better yet, wear one of your own. Meet the movers and the shakers in the gaming industry."

i've been looking for a moving, shaking, real life action role player for quite some time. Seriously. I'm not sure I should fly out to meet Natalie in Napa after all. Perhaps she should be flying here to meet me...we have always wanted to be princesses, and this might just be the opportunity we've been looking for.

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