Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the biebs comes to north cackalacky

We all know the following things about myself: I am obsessed with the biebs and I am obsessed with facebook. I guess obsessed isn't fair. I don't want to sound crazy. So, I guess you could say I am extremely interested in all things bieber related and all things facebook related. And these things tie together so much more than the occasional status update about the biebs.

About a month ago, a friend of mine from Florida tagged a picture of me on facebook. This was curious since I hadn't seen Gen since I had moved from Florida. When I logged on (who am I kidding. I am always logged on to the book), I saw she had tagged me in a picture of her kissing a lifesize cut out of the Biebs, complete with the caption that she saw him, thought of me and knew he'd rather be receiving a smackeroo from me than her. Because I never get overly excited about childish or redonk things, I emailed her immediately telling her I would be in FL in a few weeks and could we arrange for me to pick it up from her.


I offered to pay for him.

Gen responded that he was mine, free of charge, if I wanted him. I decided I had no problem taking him to FedEx to be shipped home to NC. I mean, everyone knows FedEx will ship anything, especially if you are willing to cut off your arm for it. And I was.

During this time, Emily from FL called to ask me if there was anything special I wanted to do while I was in town. She rattled off all 57 of my favorite restaurants and I told her forget eating, all I had to do was go pick up a life size Justin bieber and ship him back to myself. She said "of course you do." Like, it didn't even seem strange to her. I guess that right there is proof of how you know you have good friends.

So, on Saturday night of my visit, we loaded up in the Jeep, drove across town and met Gen outside of the restaurant she and her boyfriend were at for dinner. Gen confessed she couldn't fit the Biebs in her red Beetle Bug, so she had to fold him. This was Ok. You couldn't tell he was folded, AND, this meant I could carry him on the plane. Which is precisely what I did. it was all going well until someone opened the overhead and he slid out, knocking some old biddy in the head. I apologized, asked her if she was OK (while putting him back in the overhead bin) and do you know what she said to me?


really? My feelings were hurt! It was JUST a cardboard cutout of the Biebs. And she wasn't bleeding or bruised. Of course when I shared my sentiments with my parents when they picked me up at the airport, my dad told me that not everyone appreciates getting knocked in the head by a cardboard Justin Bieber. I feel like people need to calm down.

It's JUST the Biebs people. Plus, he was folded.

You can rest assured though he is home, hanging out by my grandmother's china cabinet. And for all of you haters who think he is a little boy? He's taller than me. So THERE.

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  1. It's kind of like "Flat Biebs" and he can go on adventures with you!! One of the kindergarten teachers at the school I'm interning in has an Obama cut out, I think the Biebs is way better than nobama... I myself would love a Gdubs one to put in my office one day!!!