Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a flask of whiskey out at night

If you look at that picture and think to yourself, "why, that is a rabbit with antlers!" then you would be correct for that is a picture of a jackalope.

Now, let me first say that I used to sing karaoke at jackalope jack's in Charlotte. and it NEVER occurred to me to wonder what a jackalope was. and you can bet if I never thought about what something was, then I sure didn't think about whether or not it was real. Fast forward a few years to my trip to Austin for work. I decided to stay for a few days after and explore the city (but you know me and you know when I say exploring I really mean eating). One of the delicacies I sampled was a jackalope. They told me it was native to New Zealand. It tasted ok but since they didn't show any pictures, I was unsure of what this animal looked like that I had just put into my mouth. So when I got home, I asked someone also native to New Zealand (no, not an aborigine. Besides, they're in Australia) just what exactly a jackalope was. After trying to convince me I really meant a wallaby (I already knew a jackalope was not a kangaroo), he told me it sounded pretty made up and was fairly certain it was not native to New Zealand.

So then I began to wonder where I had heard that this jackalope was native to New Zealand. My mother confirmed it was when I ate the jackalope. I decided to get to the bottom of it. I asked one of my sales reps in Texas if he knew that the jackalope wasn't real. He told me it was real and he had even confirmed with some other reps in Texas that it was real. And then he sent me the above picture.

A rabbit with antlers (that you can attract by leaving a flask of whiskey out at night). Something about this just doesn't sound right to me. And now I am concerned about what I put in my mouth back in Austin.

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