Sunday, October 2, 2011

day 1: what does beauty mean to you?

i don't really know what beauty means to me...yet. I guess that's part of why I am on this journey.

but, when I think of beauty

I think of sunsets at Pawley's Island
I think of the first time I saw the snow capped mountains of Colorado and wondered how anyone could not believe in a heavenly father when they saw the very definition of majestic
I think of the first time I saw a rainbow while crossing the ditch in my beloved PVB
I think of a dove with an olive branch in her mouth
I think of a deep belly laugh
I think of a favorite bottle of wine
I think of my Amie
I think of my friend Jenn on her wedding day
I think of my friend Drew who never lost sight of his savior even as cystic fibrosis took his life
I think of my parents' backyard in the spring
I think of the birds that sing outside my door each morning

I think of so many things. those are just a few of them.

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