Friday, October 21, 2011

cupcake fail

guess who got fired from the cupcake shop? if you guessed Eli then you deserve a prize. I can't say that I've ever been fired from a job, so I thoroughly enjoyed asking her what it was like to get canned and if her feelings were hurt. She got fired for not up-selling the cupcakes.

now. if you've ever been to one of these cupcake shops, you know that not only are the cuppies like 3 bucks a piece, but sometimes they charge you for the box to put them in! So a quick snack can easily run you 5+ bucks.

When I asked Eli if she cared that she had been fired, she informed me "no. I mean, I'm not going to tell some fattie she should buy another cupcake when she doesn't need the one she already has."

She has a point. And hey, at least she got to keep her company tshirt.

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