Wednesday, May 25, 2011

can i hep you? yes, i'll take some of that haterade

Today for lunch, Emily and I met Mark at the K Dub. Now, this was my idea (and we all know I have nothing but fabulous ideas). I LOVE the K Dub. Everyone I know drinks haterade when it comes to the K Dub, so I was prepared for their comments. I had a swift rebuttal for every one: I hope you do not enjoy your meal. Oh, but enjoy it they did. We three all enjoyed our K Dub experience. Until this old biddy behind us turned around and said "I am so glad you're all enjoying your meal so much! But please, will you turn it down a notch?"

We just looked at her. I mean, what could we say? No but could you turn your hearing aide down?

I guess the moral of the story is to only eat at the K Dub when you don't plan to talk. And it's not meal time. And there aren't any old geezers there.

you can bet this didn't make them think the K Dub was even more of a ridiculous idea than they already thought.

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