Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stories from the Indy 500: my husband does exist after all

We all know I like to try out some wienies in whatever town I happen to be in. Sporting events are typically the best place to find good wienies. Mike and Todd escorted me down to the trenches (not to be confused with the police escort we had going into the race) so I wouldn't be accosted by the common folk. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen and unfortunately, my camera wasn't ready when I needed it. It was Nascar on steroids. It was the reason I have never felt compelled to attend a race and it is the reason I will go racing again. Who would have thought I would discover my husband, waiting in the same hot dog line I was in? Granted, he was shirtless and severely inebriated, so I didn't recognize him at first. But once I realized who he was, I knew there was no way I would ever go to a race again if he couldn't come with me.

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