Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stories from the Indy 500: Adrian Granier is a tool. Or am I?

Saturday evening, we happened to be in the same elevator as Adrian Granier, aka Vince from Entourage. He was standing in the corner wearing skinny jeans (and we all know how I feel about men in skinny jeans) and a hoodie. Emily and I looked at him, then at each other and then I decided it was time to speak. I mean, elevators are awk enough so it's always better when someone breaks the silence, especially when it involves celebrities like ourselves. I leaned up against the wall, gave him the "what's up" nod and said "hey entourage." He just looked at me. Emily just looked at me. He said "hey" then put his headphones in his ears. Clearly he wasn't impressed with the Mere Mere. When he got off the elevator, Emily said to me: "that's it? Hey Entourage? That's what you felt like you should say?" I told her next time we see him, we'd just take our clothes off to make up for it.

Apparently the entire cast of Entourage was at our hotel. I spent the rest of the weekend hoping to spy Marky Mark. I had some questions for him pertaining to the Funky Bunch. Emily told me if we saw him, she would do the talking. I knew that wasn't going to suit me, so I'd say it's a good thing we didn't see him.

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